Agatha Seymour

Love for Life

Roman, searching for the way to love fulfilled in the labyrinth of relationships.

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Yeah, I’ve been in love many times. I have been madly in love where it all worked out for a while. Occasionally, my love was unrequited; but all in all one factor has remained true: the relationships ended so quickly. I’ve never really had a problem with me feeling it was going on too long. However, I could never accept the other version. I just simply couldn’t understand how he could have gotten bored with me, left and basically treated me like that. Either I just stood and stared numb as he walked away, or I tried to get one last grip on him, leaving a pathetic slimy trail in my wake like a slug.

As time went by, my feelings eased up a bit regarding the subject and, as I found my voice as a writer, my approach to relationships changed. Yet, in spite of this fact, the thought didn’t let me rest to find out and discover the secret of love and a happy relationship…