Agatha Seymour


Name: Agatha Seymour
Birthday: April 13th
Horoscope: Aries (Ascendant: Libra)

I'm a 21st century woman. For me this means that in each and every moment of my life I experience my femininity and creativity, and I learn and take responsibility for myself. I try to live consciously, change simultaneously with the ever-changing world, so as to be honest, natural and to get to know myself.

I believe in myself, in Providence and that I do what I have to do. I'm where I have to be and that my destiny is only mine. I believe that if you pay attention to the signs and move along with the roaring waves of life, you can find your place in the world and things are going to turn out right. That it's only worth living a life without a sense of guilt and self-punishment, accepting and loving yourself.

First and foremost I am inspired by beauty!
I love beautiful and high-standard things, no matter if it is a pair of nice shoes or a great theatrical performance. I am crazy about creativity: painting, singing, dancing in any amount. I am keen on all sorts of art: painting, dance, music – they always enchant me. I like trying new things like diving, ikebana or graphology. I am interested in discovering new areas in life.

I am in love with cafés! In my spare time I like meeting my friends in a cozy café, talking about relationships, and gossiping of course. I am interested in anything that is connected to people, including religions, which is how I obtained my master's degree in the Philosophy of Religion. I often gain power from the teachings of Buddha.

I love travelling! New York is my favorite city. There is no place like this in the whole world – it inspires me, fills me up and gives much energy. In all the seasons, all the mood it enchants and fascinates me. I adore flowers, fine chocolate, good wines, exciting books, huge concerts, but above all I love my cats! Picasso and Matisse - the two Burmese tomcats are the kindest and cleverest cats. Spending time with them always makes me happy and recharges me.

I am hopelessly addicted to magazines. On my desk there is always the latest Vogue or Harper’s Bazaar.